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I have found a special joy in having Janella's paintings throughout my home.  Whether a seascape or landscape she portrays the intimacy of a particular place and takes you to where she has been. Her beach shed painting with the deep blues and reds remind me of many family vacations to the ocean.  There is such personality to each of her paintings, the inviting warmth of a carmel colored sea, a vibrant field of flowers, or a canvas of bright purple tulips her paintings are filled with love and emotion.  They convey calmness and inspiration with a hint of "let's go play".  I look forward to seeing more of Janella's work in the years to come and finding the perfect display of their beauty in my home.

Mark & Gayle Salvucci

San Mateo, CA

My husband and I have many pieces of Janella’s art in our home.  Each and every one has a uniqueness that adds to our home.  We are complemented often on our pieces and find ourselves drawn to even more.

Georgette and Mike Klobuchar

When I look at the different pieces of artwork by Janella I get a sense of joy that just brightens my day, every day. I think to myself often “Wow!, What a great day!”. I feel so lucky to have Janella’s art in my home, and I feel like I can feel the soul of the artist when viewing Janella’s work. 

Tina T. 

San Mateo, CA

I recently commissioned a painting from Janella Romano Thodos and have been thrilled beyond words with it.  I fell in love with Janella’s “Tulip” painting while visiting her gallery.  Although I absolutely loved the painting, I wished that the colors were more compatible with my dining room.  Janella listened and gave me ideas how she could create a rendition of the painting that would complement the colors in my home.  I am happy to say that my “Tulip” painting has a prime location on the wall of my dining room and radiates happiness to me each time I look at it!  I am looking forward to seeing Janella’s future creations so they may, also, take up another prime wall in my home!

Bruce & Kellin Armstrong

San Mateo, CA

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